The community aims to inspire acceptance of others in poverty-induced situations among various ethnicities residing in the Sherpa community. The community also supports all castes, classes, sexes, professions, areas, religions, languages and cultures.

Together with the relevant organisations concerned, the project supports the promotion of appropriate measures for the conservation of local agriculture, forest, and water resources, tourism, industry, education, health, culture and other organizations, to spread public awareness of the impact of climate change at a local level, and to manage plastics harmful to the environment. As Sherpas living in this area depend on farming, investment in modern agriculture, roads, paths and drinking water is supported.

Finally, the community plans to encourage those wishing to study in higher education by assisting them financially.

Excerpt from Statute 2016 from Hile Nigale Sherpa Social Service Centre, Jiri Municipality 8, Hile, Dolakha, Nepal