How to help

100% of all donations are used for school and village projects, most of it in Hile Nigale. A distinction is made between short, medium and long-term projects. In close cooperation with school and village people we will determine priorities. Projects which have been discussed include:

So far we supported the following: 

  • Library with pictures books 
  • school material as well as furniture and sports gear 
  • Scholarships to attend secondary schools and further education outside the community 
  • Salary for project management in Hile, for teachers and assistants, plus transport and accomodation 
  • Internet installation in the learning center 
  • Maintenance material for cleaning, water supply and electricity 
  • Donation for the construction of the community center 
  • Himalayan Children, boarding school in Kathmandu
  • Music instruments and music teacher
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • new building for Kindergarten and school kitchen
  • special support for families in need during Covid19
  • Greenhouse
  • Invitation of teachers to Europe for an exchange and appreciation of their work in Nepal


 Planned and recurring costs : 

  • Laptops 
  • Expert teachers (English, music, media competences, traditional and herbal medicine etc.) 
  • Internet fee 
  • School material and books 
  • Scholarships

Donation account:

Doris Kuhn, Asylstrasse 50, 8708 Männedorf

Alternative Bank Schweiz, Olten

IBAN: CH84 0839 0010 2761 1000 0

Note: "Nepal"

Or TWINT: 076 367 49 53

Thank you very much

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