The project

The project supports a kindergarten and primary school in a remote Sherpa village in the hills of Nepal near the Tibetan border (Village Hile Nigale). We aim to obtain quality education as the foundation for improving people's lives and sustainable development. We therefore encourage a shift in didactics from teacher-centered teaching to student-centered learning. 

For keeping alive Sherpa culture and language we support the rebuilding of a monastery, that was destroyed at the earthquake 2015.

However, the focus is on support after school classes in a new community and learning center for children and adults with English, Tibetan and Computer lessons. Furthermore, we aim to build on the goals of the Sherpa community: to awaken feelings of transparency, honesty and accountability in youths in order to encourage them to remain in Sherpa communities.

Nepal, a developing country, is dynamic at its own speed. In the critical situation which now exists between the different ethnicities in the country, Sherpa is the one ethnic group lagging behind in education and every other sector of society (this even in the 21st century where Nepal is a republican state). Therefore, in order to facilitate financial, social, cultural and ethnic up liftment, and to benefit the Sherpas in Jiri Municipality, experts from Switzerland and Austria are helping to achieve the objectives of quality education.